The Foundations provide financial support through one of three methodologies:

1. Major Supported Organizations:
This group is composed of the four main organizations that receive the majority of the Foundations' financial support. Members of the Armstrong family contribute significant time and energy to these causes. Currently, the four organizations are the Salvation Army/ASU Service Learning Project, Rancho Feliz Charitable Organization, the Armstrong Family Foundation/ASU Scholarship Program and Support My Club. For further description of these organizations, see below. The Board of Directors of the Foundations promote a service tie-in between these organizations. For example, all ASU Scholars serve at least one semester of Service Learning and once per semester, the ASU Scholars travel as a group to Mexico to work with the Rancho Feliz Exchange Program.

2. Traditionally Supported Organizations:
Local, effective organizations that make a significant difference to the communities that they serve and are supported by the Armstrong Family, Board Members, or colleagues.

3. Board Member Designated Organizations:
Each Board Member is given an annual budget to provide support to charitable organizations that are of specific interest to them individually.


We do not normally accept solicitations for donation outside of the organizations we currently work with. Please see below for our major supported organizations.

Our Major Pillars of Support

ASU Scholarship ProgamASU Scholarship Program
ASU Scholarship ProgramThe spirit of the Armstrong Family Foundation Scholarship Program is to replace, to the extent we are able, the financial and personal support that is missing from some students' lives due to family circumstances beyond their control. It is available to Arizona residents that are orphans, wards of the court, in foster care, or otherwise qualified independent students.The Armstrong Family Foundation is proud to support the Armstrong ASU Scholarship Program since it's inception in 1999.  The Scholarship Program was created to assist students financially while simultaneously building a community bond to their fellow scholars and Arizona State University.

In addition to financial support, Scholars participate in professional development programs, peer-to-peer networking, and community building efforts with Rancho Feliz and The Salvation Army.  Currently, the program supports over 30 students annually and 50 undergrad students and 10 grad student have graduated from the program, representing a 82% graduation rate.  The Armstrong Family Foundation understands there is no better asset than a higher education because it not only changes the trajectory of an individual's life, it also has rippling positive effects on future generations. The ASU application process, including an application form, can be found at
"Not only does your support further my education financially, but the personal investment the Armstrong's make for us scholars during the course of our academic life is astonishing and in itself is rewarding. Each event that is held monthly reunites us with a family infused atmosphere, and we are welcomed with warmth and acceptance" - Aidan Khalilova
Rancho FelizRancho Feliz
Rancho Feliz

The foundations have supported Rancho Feliz since 1998. Many of our family members are involved in various roles including serving on the board of directors. Rancho Feliz operates in Agua Prieta, Mexico, a border town across from Douglas, Arizona. Programs include: a program that provides service opportunities for groups, primarily from the U.S., a nationally recognized Child Care facility , an Education Center, hundreds of primary, secondary and college scholarships, housing project,  food distributions and other badly needed relief programs.

"Rancho Feliz provides an excellent vehicle for Americans to do their part in addressing the disparity between our society and our closest neighbors." -Patrick Armstrong
The Salvation ArmySalvation Army
Salvation Army “The Armstrong Family Learning Center allows kids to find their spark and grow the variety of talents God has given them,” says Brittney Downs, a first grade teacher at P.L. Julian Elementary School whose students participate in programs at the Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center. Every weekday at 2:40 p.m., school buses begin dropping off children at the Kroc Center, 14th Street and Broadway. The children dash into the Center, knowing that an adventure awaits them. The ASU America Reads and other programs sponsored by the Armstrong Family Foundation represent multiple opportunities students, young and old, can enhance their learning in exceptional ways. Children can be personally tutored, receive homework assistance and experience hands-on learning in ways not typically available to them in the classroom.

As participants begin to have success in school, they develop confidence in who they are and the amazing possibilities their future holds. The Armstrong family makes available wonderful learning programs through The Salvation Army, but their contributions don’t end there. The Kroc Center presents additional opportunities for education including art and music classes. The community also has access to a computer lab and library. All of which is made available in the Armstrong Learning Center. “We are deeply indebted to Jo-Ann and Jim Armstrong for all they have allowed to happen for children and families who visit the Kroc Center,” says Lt. Colonel Joe Posillico, Southwest Divisional Commander for The Salvation Army. “In every way, they are enabling gifts and opportunities that will be felt for generations to come.”
"The Armstrong Family Learning Center allows kids to find their spark and grow the variety of talents God has given them." -Brittney Downs, a first grade teacher at P.L. Julian Elementary School
Support My ClubSupport My Club_Logo_2-Color
Rancho Feliz Support My Club believes that all students should have the opportunity to pursue their interests to engage them on their path to graduation. Support My Club is an online solution where community members can support the needs of public high school clubs and teams. Students post their specific requests and donors “shop” for items that align with their interests and giving abilities. With needs in Academics, Activities, Arts and Athletics and ranging from $5 to thousands, it is possible for anyone to ensure students are properly equipped for success. Items are added to the online cart, donors check out by making a 100% tax-deductible purchase and Support My Club delivers the item directly to the school. For every $100 of value received, the students complete one hour of community service, continuing the full cycle of philanthropy.
"Donations provide our students with resources to enhance their high school experience, therefore increasing their commitment to learning and ultimately, graduation."
- Stacey Root, Club Sponsor

Examples of Supported Organizations

Feeding Matters >>

Our mission is to bring pediatric feeding struggles to the forefront so infants and children are identified early, families’ voices are heard, and medical professionals are equipped to deliver collaborative care. We overcome the complex issues of pediatric feeding struggles through our five mission pillars; education, advocay, research, treatment, and support.
Feeding Matters

Social Venture Partners>>

SVP are people for whom improving our desert community is part of our life’s journey. SVP are a global network of local partners connecting passion and purpose. They take an innovative approach to philanthropy in the Valley. 

University of Denver- Scholarship Program >>

A similar scholarship program as Arizona State University has been established at DU.  Currently, this program supports education at DU for 2 students per year . 

Seed Spot >>

To educate, accelerate, and invest in entrepreneurs who are creating solutions to social problems. 

Justa Center >>

The streets are not safe for homeless individuals in general, but older people are particularly vulnerable. Justa Center is a day resource center for those individuals over the age of 55 who have nowhere to live. 

Project Help

University of Colorado Boulder - Scholarship Program>>

The University of Colorado Armstrong Scholarship Program is for work-study or students employed on-campus that are attending CU. 3 undergraduate students are currently supported by the program, which was launched in 2016. 

Villa Montessori >>

Montessori is a comprehensive educational approach from birth to adulthood which is focused on hands-on, experiential learning. This philosophy encourages exposure to diverse cultures and an acquisition of respect for that diversity. 

Montessori School of Denver >>

" We are a dynamic educational environment empowering students to use diverse knowledge and experiences to reach their full potential and do good in the world".